2006 Ford Fiesta • 40,000 miles

My gearbox is playing up. Sometimes immediately after changing gear it slips out of gear, its getting more frequent and I'm worried about it eventually not going into gear while driving. Is something being worn down? If so how much would it typically cost to fix this?
December 15, 2012.

Sounds like a synchro is going out or bad in gearbox, normally rebuild it or at least pull trans and fix that part inside.

Dec 15, 2012.
Sorry but can you put that in more basic terms? How much would that cost to do?

Dec 15, 2012.
Price vary all over but what it means is that first the synchronizer inside the transmission that gives you smooth shifts is worn out or a linkage problem the parts are inside the transmission in the u.S. Here it's about a $1500 job because transmission has to come out of car and torn apart to fix it. The pic i'm sendign is out of a focus an dhas arrows pointint to a SIMILAR part as we dont' have fiestas for that year in u.S. Here. BEst thing is to take to a local garage or trans shop an dhave him give you an opinion as well as price. The part in the pic is INSIDE the transmission.

Dec 15, 2012.