2006 Ford Explorer • 105,000 miles

Can you disconnect the horn for the noises, if so will it still start and were is the horn. The system keeps going off by itself. Al so I changed the battery in the key control pad and it wont lock or unlock the doors now. I disconnected the battery to shut it off, let it set for awhile, then it started again.
Ray meritt
August 19, 2012.

Disconnecting the horn will not dis able the system.

You have an alarm issue. It could be the drivers door module but needs to be verified by a shop with a scan tool.

Is this factory or aftermarket?


Aug 19, 2012.
Its factoy as far as I know, im trying to cut the embarasing noise by disconnecting the horn, not disable the alarm system, why wont the key contril pad lock or unlock the doors after changing the battery in it.

Ray meritt
Aug 19, 2012.