2006 Ford Crown Victoria • 911,800 miles

Ok, this is goin to be lots of explaining on what I did. So bear with me. I bought a K& N cold air intake for my 2006 Crown victoria Police Interceptor. I put it in, and all of a sudden it starts to crap it's pants. I got the wrench and engine warning lights (didnt have any codes before I replaced the air system) and started to bog and putt. The codes were P061B and P2106. I checked the mass airflow sensor, and cleaned it with CRC Mass air flow cleaner and was carefull during intallation not to touch the sensor or anything like that. I checked the system for leakes, including the vacume line both on the engine and the system and they were sealed. The K& N filter was factory oiled and was tacky, not oily where it would cause the sensor problems at all. I then put the stock airbox back on and cleared the codes and the car runns as advertised. I again put the K& N in and SAME EXACT PROBLEM. Help. Seroiusly. Im loosing my mind
November 26, 2012.

This is probably what is happening with a the K& N filter in your car.
On Ford 500 and Freestyle with 3.0L,  and codes P061B and/or P2106 check the air box to make sure it is clipped in correctly.  If it is loose or the air filter seal is torn it can
cause these codes and cause the car to go into limp in mode.
The way a K& N is set up either to much oil in the filter even if factory lubed or any air leak in engine like a bad grommet on engine wil probably set teh code. You can get the pcm reprogrammed for this I f you want but it'snot going to hlep a great deal.

Nov 26, 2012.
Its a cold air intake, like the full system. I already checked the system and I would bet my immortal soul that it is sealed. The K& N filter on the end is not excessively oiled and im sure of this. Ive had 3 of these systems before

Nov 27, 2012.
Wel there seem s to be problems that crop up using these typesof filters as they suck a little more air than the stock ones. You can have your pcm reprogrammed to run it without those codes buti'm pretty sure this is wha t is causing your problem especially since y ou say you replace the srtock ones and the problem goes away. OBD2 is a funny system and doesn't like alot of things done to this that is why I asked to check the grommets on valve covers for loose or holes in it. That can cause the maf code as well because it 's an air leak.

Nov 27, 2012.