2006 Citroen Picasso • 100,000 miles

Replaced engine 1.6hdi with same engine code came complete with hp pump and turbo cambelt was allso done the only differance was the valve on the pump was in a diffrent position injectors have been coded to ecu but it will not start it starts but cuts out straightaway fault code is p1166 fuel rail pressure to high engine has only done 47000 miles the company I had it from told me it was a runner when it was removed can you please help thanks
December 28, 2012.

It sounds like the regulator in the pump not governing the pressure.

Do you have it at a diesel shop?


Dec 28, 2012.
Hi thanks for your reply I fitted the engine as I am a mechanic just wanted a second appinen but I am arguing with the supplyer of the engine because they are saying it must have happened since I have had it even though it has never ran since it was fitted I have never heard this but would it matter about the angle of the valve on the pump as the only differance is the old pump senser is at 45degrees and the orther pump senser is straight would this cause the fault my next step is to change the pump but soon as I remove it the waranty would be void

Dec 28, 2012.
Hi I have the same problem with my 55plate, changed the pump and it was the same then changed the switch in the pressure rail and still the same. Dont know what to do now.

Mar 25, 2013.