2006 Chevrolet Epica • 41,000 miles

Dear sir
my problem with the car is that I have never switch on the air condition for 3 weeks, then when I start it it give me warm air, we check the gas and it seems that the gas is good but the pressure is not well, we pick out the cup of gas and clean it and also we clean the part of the compressor that on the bottom, but still the air not cold, I think that the gas type was not the same as original, so please how can I fix this issue and what is the type of gas for the epica LT 2006?
Hussam habib
February 23, 2013.

Can you be a bit more specific on what part of the compressor you cleaned? Did you open up the compressor?

Feb 23, 2013.
No, we have never open the compressor and we never pick it out of the car, there is a wrap on the bottom he pick it out to repair then fix it again.

Hussam habib
Feb 23, 2013.