2006 Cadillac DTS • 20,000 miles

Getting P0449 code, don't have a scan tool that will turn evap solonoid on and off. Have had brief use of one (snap-on) and could not click it. Replaced solonoid with new one as first attempt to correct. Its a 130 inch stretch and assume their is either a new harness or a splice somewhere? I can't seem to find a schematic online I can understand that tells me exactly where the wires go (from solonoid) and what voltage and so forth without advanced scan tool. Michael Wood 978-631-9999, woods. Michael@me. Com
November 25, 2012.

The vent solenoid is normally open and only closes when the evap monitor is run for a vacuum test. The code is set when there is a large leak on this test. You need a scan tool that can turn the solenoid on and off to verify it is opening and closing. There is one wire with 12 volts key on power. The other is grounded by the ecm when the time comes to close it.


Nov 25, 2012.