2006 BMW Z4 • 68,600 miles

My car seems to have a lifter problem. It started making a clacking kind of noise, about 3 weeks ago, when I turn it on, but only when it is cold. If I turn it off and then turn it back on again, it won't do it, until it sits for awhile. The noise seems to disappear after 3-6 clacks.

1) Does it sound like a lifter problem?
2) If it is, how serious is this problem?
3) What are my options?
4) How much would you estimate these options would cost?

Thanks, Letty
November 15, 2012.

They will do that, its the hydraulic lash adjusters.
1) yes it does sound like a "lifter" problem, could be a tensioner
2) they all do it to some extent
3) my recommendations are to drive it and see if it gets worse, there's little else to do unless you just cant take it anymore
4) estimate not possible without a personal reconnoiter

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 16, 2012.