2006 BMW 320i • 67,380 miles

Just had my regular service on my E90 at 67000km. Never done more than a 100km trip for the three years I have owned it. Just moved from one state to another in Australia and completed 1800km trip. Oil leaking from sump, from valve covers, from cam covers and timing chain area. I am told by BMW about $3,500 to fix. I am told by others this is a common problem with the 320i at about 30,000km. Short trips did not reveal this to me. Apparently a problem with the vacuum pump. Is this true? If this is known problem, why then should BMW not fix that problem? Can you help or advise.

Thanks Peter.
October 26, 2012.

I am not sure what help I can be. As far as the product liability, BMW only has to warranty the car for a short period when the car is new and has a not to exceed distance limitation as well. Is the colonies we get 4-5 years and 50K miles, I cant say I know what they do down in Australia.
As to the oil leaks, the fact that oil is leaking from the valve cover is very possibly the main culprit, the other areas mentioned do not show up as problem areas, I recommend cleaning the affected areas and inspecting before proceeding, does this seem reasonable mate?

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 26, 2012.
That is no help. I had already washed the engine and that is how we found the leaks! In Australia there are laws that require sellers of goods to provide them to be of merchantable quality! To have such oil leaks from an engine that has only done 40,000 to 65,000 kilometres from such a quality manafacturer is I would have thought, indicative of an inherent problem in the engine oiling system!
Can you answer this - does the 320i engine used in 2006 and E90 BMW's have a history of oil leaks due faulty vacuum pumps or oil filtering system? Yes or No.
It seems to me that they do by looking around the internet! I want to take BMW to task. They should not be allowed to just walk away from a problem of their making! I certainly did not cause the engine to leak. The Toyota that I use to tow my boat has 200,000km and has leaked not a drop of oil at any stage. Does not say much for BMW! And their rubbish engine.

Oct 30, 2012.
You are correct! Yes they can leak oil! Yes the vacuum pumps and the oil filter housing profile gaskets leak oil! Best of luck getting them to say they're going to be responsible for a car outside of their warranty index.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 31, 2012.