2005 Volvo S80 • 5 cylinder FWD Automatic • 134,000 miles

Hi, I have Volvo S80 2005 version, D5 auto, with a similar problem, on starting dash message says "Anti-skid temporarily off" and then shortly after, usually when when turning in either direction at or near full lock, it turns to "Anti-Skid Service required" obviously not abs, as abs light not on.

BCN fault code - 0109 - Communication between control modules. Communication with the stering angle sensor, internal fault.

However can't find problem with steering angle. And my tame mechanic says seen it on merc e-class was then told by the maindealer to change the BCM at huge cost, made no difference what so ever. So very frightened of going down that route.

seems to be to do with the steering; though I do get an occasional creaking sound when turning on full lock, any ideas! Tracking etc all checked recently and found to be ok. Gear box has been out and back in recently and fault only showed when original problem with box started. Box now fixed, just left with this fault code before I can sell it.

Please help!
August 7, 2011.

Your problem is going to be the contact reel. Replace the contact reel and have the BCM recalibrated after the repair.

Aug 7, 2011.
Thanks for the response, Contact reel? Is that what is described as toothed ring in the diagram in the article "How ABS Systems work" below? And am I correct in assuming the recalibration of the BCM has to be done at Volvo or not? And lastly any clue as to cost overall?

Aug 8, 2011.
No the contact reel is on the steering wheel column. It is also part of the SRS system so it is also known as the clock spring. See picture below. The brake control module looks at the contact reel to see if you are over steering say while you are all of a sudden braking really hard and wheels are locking up? I dont know why Volvo calls it a steering wheel module since the contact reel is mounted on to the SWM?So it was a little confusing at first? Hope this helps you. And yes you will need to take it in to Volvo to have it calibrated assuming you have DSTC "Dynamic Stability Traction Control"? You can tell by looking at the off button under the climate control panel. It will say DSTC.

Aug 8, 2011.