2005 Vauxhall Astra • 10,700 miles

My brake lights are permanently on when car is started its not the switch that's been disconnected any ideas I did replace battery recently.
December 15, 2011.

If the brake lights stay on when the switch is disconnected, there has to be a short to power. Check wiring for damage and anywhere it may have shorted.

Ok so I spoke to vauxhall they said they are certain its the switch, there are 2 parts to the switch and its the internal part thats faulty they say so fingers crossed does this sound like a possibility. It may not be related but this brake problem started a few days ago while my car was in the garage I had to put the car in as it was running very rough at idle and then stalling the spanner light was illuminated and code p1116 set could this be related to brake fault I believe p1116 is a cooling system voltage code any feedback would be gratefully accepted

the garage are replacing the switch on the brakes and say the p1116 code is a broken thermostat is this right or are BOTH electrical faults or just bad luck.

Dec 16, 2011.
Honestly, if the switch is disconnected and the light still are on, that doesn't make sense.

The switch is getting replaced tues so I will see what happens what and where would you say it is if its not the switch I dont know what to do and its getting me down just before xmas p1116 is faulty thermostat so thats getting done tues

would changing the battery (which I did recently) cause this light fault?

Thanks for getting back to me your a great help

Dec 18, 2011.
Thermostat replaced and code p1116 gone car runs fine however the new switch is in but not sorted the brake light problem the garage have not seen this before and are baffled what to do next could it be a relay possibly?

When you say a short to power what does this mean in idiot terms please I am desperate to get this sorted before christmas so the kids can see relatives

Dec 20, 2011.
The means the wire that goes to the light may have a bear spot and be touching something that has power all the time.