2005 Suzuki Swift • 10,100 miles

My engine has ceased and I'm being told I need a new engine. I don't know what do to. Should I get the repair done or just sell to we buy any car etc?
I have been told to try and source an engine from parts gateway and quotes have started coming back.
I'm afraid I'm going to pay out a lot for the repair but compared to what the car is worth, I'm not sure how to work out that it's worth it. Can you help please?

February 13, 2013.

There are many factors to consider in that decision and the value of the car is pretty far down the list. The main question is the condition of the rest of the car and will there be another large repair right after this. If this failure was the result of driver error such as overheating, that wouldn't reflect on the rest of the car but if it just wore out from high mileage or lack of maintenance, that would be a different story.

You also need to consider your financial situation and what expenses can you handle. All cars represent an ongoing expense so the value of the car is not a big factor. How reliable it will be in the future is.

Feb 13, 2013.