2005 Pontiac Grand Prix • 109,000 miles

My car just had the serpentine belt changed 2 weeks ago. Just yesterday, it started making a horrible whining sound. As I kept driving, the "hot coolant" light came on. It also told me that it was turning the A/C off. I live in Michigan where it was below 30 degrees yesterday. As I came to a stop, the car completely lost all power steering, and power period. I tried to start it back up, and it wouldn't turn over. What is going on with it?
January 2, 2013.

Have you looked under the hood to be sure the belt is there where it's supposed to be? Almost sounds like you lost the belt from the sounds of things.

On a side note, I tried a goodyear cross cut serpentine belt that was highly recommended on a Suburban and kept throwing the belt, it wasn't until I went back to the conventional belt with no cross hatch design and only grooves aligned with the belt that this problem simmered down and I quit throwing belts. At temps like that, could your coolant not have been low enough and that created the issue (ie. Freeze up)?

Jan 3, 2013.