2005 Nissan Almera • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 21,004 miles

My 2005 Nissan Almera has a high rev problem at about 12 to 13 which is a little too high it should at least be 7-10 I guess. Naturally the revs would be high on starting first thing in the morning but as the car drives throughout the day and you have to stop or put in park the revs are still high at around 12-13 or even 15 and the needle jumps at times. It hardly goes higher than 15 or so. Had a diagnostic test done yesterday and the car has fault codes P1122, P1121, P0223, P0123, P2135 and P0350. I have already checked out the meaning of these codes on the OBDII 1995-2008 table which is reading a throttle problem. The mechanic says the throttle needs replacing I need and E-Throttle Body Sensor. Just asking for your views on this. Thank you.
NB. Cleaned with ICF spray yesterday and revs are still high so that was why the diagnostic test was then done.
January 1, 2011.

All the codes are for the TP sensor or electronic throttle control actuator. Either the TP sensor is bad or you could have a fault with the wiring circuit.

Check for contaminated or loose TP connectors first.

I could not find any reference for P0350, can you confirm if the code is correct as diagnosed?

Jan 1, 2011.
Did you get this resolved yet? Have another questioner with similar problem.

Nov 5, 2011.