OBD2 P0171, P0133 & P2195 ON 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA?

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OBD2 P0171, P0133 & P2195 on 2004 Toyota Corolla?
This morning I got a check engine light on on the panel of my 2004 Corolla. I used my OBD-2 tester and obtained the codes of P0171, 0133 & 2195. I would appreciate any expert opinion from this forum on how I can deal with it myself, if possible. Thanks a lot.
May 22, 2012.

The first two are lean codes bank one or where cylinder #1 is. Check for vacuum leaks.

May 22, 2012.
Consult the manual that came with the scan tool to decode.
There is a Toyota TSB for a Computer malfunction.
There is a campaign for that, take it to your Dealer for repair, should be no charge

May 23, 2012.