2005 Mitsubishi L200 • 110,000 miles

Should my l200 have 2 fan belts? I bought it with one on, but it was worn. Took it to garage and they think it should have 2 on. Drove it about 20 miles and 1 belt snapped and also brought off the other one. The mechanic now thinks it should maybe only use 1 belt?
December 15, 2012.

Usually it runs with 2 but I have seen many using one only.

Any pulleys that has not been used for a long time accumulates rust in the groves and if any new belts are installed, the belt tends to wear off ver fast as the rust cuts through the belt. This would result in the belt breaking even after a short period of running time.

If you wish to have 2 belts, you need to ensure all the pulley groves are cleard of rust and polished. Ensure pulley alignments are correct as well.

Dec 16, 2012.