2005 Mazda RX8 • 35 miles

Im doing an engine swap in my rx8 and I need a mechanical steering rack that will replace my ps rack, where can I find one? Swaping from the 2 rotor to the 20btt
December 10, 2011.

That will fit?

Dec 10, 2011.
The power steering system on your car is very complicated and unique. The coputer needs to have input from several sensors or it will always throw a Malfunction light. There is not a mechanical rack that I know of that will fit your car. The reason is the incredibally complicated steering system that is tied into the ABS braking system. There is a steering angle sensor and a wheel to ground angle sensor. These work together with the ABS to prevent brake lockup when going around a turn. The 2 steering angles sensors kick the ABS on whenever the 2 angles do not match as that would indicate that the car is sliding. So, this is just one of many examples of how complicated the steering is and how many semsors work together that send signals to the ECU. I don't think a manual one would work with the ECU even if you could find one that fit.