2005 Mazda RX8 • 40,000 miles

At 30,000 miles I had to have my engine replace by mazda (still under the 100K warrenty). I was told basically that I do not drive it fast enough and the engine gets clogged up with excess carbon. Is this just hipe to hide the fact that these engines are lemons? I have now been using Ethenol free gasoline to see if I can make it another 30K on the new engine without problems. Is this a waste of money? I am totally convinced as cute as this car is, the engines should be junked. What are your thoughts about Mazda and rotary engines?
November 6, 2012.

I agree with you I have a 2004 Rx8 and have problem with the power steering going out. The engine keeps turning off, I have to put the car in neutral when im coming to a stop so it doesnt turn off. Spent $3,000 dollars for some sensors and for the dealer to find the problem, but no one knows what it is. I think they should put a normal engine and maybe that will fix the problem. Sometimes when I turn off the car it wont start up until a few hours later, Thats really helpful especially in an emergency. Also my visor is cracked.

Nov 8, 2012.