2005 Mazda 6 • 83,000 miles

After several diagnostic tests the mechanic's opinion is there are slight gaps near the piston rings that need to be fixed using a glue-type sealant that is added to the oil in the engine. My car is using to much oil which is being burned off and causing blue smoke to to come from my tailpipe. Will the use of this sealant fix my problem and how many miles do I need to cover before I take the car back for another test.
July 14, 2013.

I am sceptical of such products. It might improve the situation but is not going to be a permanent problem. If the piston rings are bad, they have to be replaced.

Oil consumption are not due to wear of the rings but the oil rings are seized due to sludge accumulation.
Valve seals usually accounts for at least 70 % of oil consumption.

Jul 14, 2013.