2005 Honda Accord • 65,000 miles

I have looked high and low for an answer to this question but I have not seen anyone have a similar question.

As I take a turn I can feel the steering wheel slip (Slightly) as though the pressure goes from normal pressure to a lighter pressure. It doesn't make the drive unsafe but I really don't like not having a solid and constant feel.

What I have checked so far.
--Replaced the serpentine belt
--Fluid is between the min/max line
--No leaks

Could this be in the rack and pinion? Maybe the shaft sticking? Or could there be air in the system? If so, how do I purge the air? Does anyone have any thoughts to this annoying issue?
September 26, 2012.

More likely to be the power steering pump. Seen many such cases. Check the fluid condition in reservoir and I would suggest replacing the fluid and cleaning the reservoir for a start. The filter in reservoir tends to get clogged causing the problem. You might need to replace the reservoir if it is clogged too badly.

Sep 26, 2012.
I'd start by finding an identical year and model and driving it to see if it acts the same way. If it does it may have speed-proportional steering where the power assist goes down at highway speeds where it isn't needed. They do list a power steering pressure switch but it doesn't say if that's for steering assist or not. A switch more commonly is a computer input to tell the Engine Computer to raise engine idle speed in response for the increased load placed on it by the power steering pump when you're turning.

Sep 26, 2012.
The pressure switch is for idle control purposes only.

Sep 26, 2012.