2005 Honda Accord • 140,000 miles

I was hit on my drivers side passenger door in an accident. The other car was going about 45mph and all of my side curtain airbags deployed. Thank God no one was hurt. My car was declared a total loss. The insurance company will pay 10 grand if I sell it to them, or 7 grand if I want to keep and salvage the car I owe 2600 on the car still. Prior to this I've been rear ended twice as well as rear ended someone else once, all in the same car, none more than 3500 to repair. My question is do you think the car is worth keeping and repairing? Will it be safe? I have a 6 yr. Old in the car a lot. Or should I sell? Idk what to do, please help me. Thank you

November 19, 2012.

I would recommend getting a different vehicle. WHen a car is hit that hard, often times other problems surface.

Thank you so much!

Nov 19, 2012.