2005 Ford Freestyle • 115,000 miles

My car starts without any issues, the car sounds and feels perfectly normal until I place it in drive, at this point the car feels as if it is hesistating or kind of wanting to turn off. When I accelerate it pauses and then resumes accelerating, and pausing etc. However, if I am coasting in neutral or at a traffic light and put the car in neutral it feels normal. I press down on the accelerator (while in neutral) and it feels normal, nothing wrong. Again, until I shift into Drive, at which point the car again hesitates, kind of sputters or pulls back a bit. And this keeps happening, it doesn't stop while I am driving. Tonight the "check engine" light turned on. HELP please.
December 5, 2012.

You need to have the computer scanned for code/s to determine what caused the check engine light to turn on-start here

Dec 5, 2012.