2005 Ford Focus • 127,000 miles

My son drove through a large puddle, the car stalled. When trying to restart it turned over but did not start and he drained the battery. After the battery was fully charged the starter just clicks. I replaced the starter and cleaned the contact poits of the battery cables. The starter still just clicks. I have recleaned all poits of contact with no change. What could be the problem?
October 18, 2013.

First thing first. Verify engine isnt seized at this point. Take a socket and ratchet, put it on the crankshaft pulley (big one on the bottom of the engine) and turn the engine over by hand. If it turns over, then its not seized, and we can further help. I understand it cranked after the puddle, but that doesnt mean water didnt get into the engine. Start here.

Oct 18, 2013.