2005 Cadillac CTS

I have a 2005 Cadillac CTS. I brought it in to get my timing belt replaced but now my sunroof does not work after I got it back from the shop. I know they worked some of the settings inside my car such as fixed my clock and updated my oil life, but is it possible they may have blown a fuse or unhooked a wire under the hood to cause it to not work anymore? Or is it possibly a setting that I need to fix.
August 5, 2011.

What size engine do you have? The reason I ask, is there was no belt driven engine in a 2005 CTS, it was chain driven. As far as the sunroof, I can't think of anything they would have tampered with to cause it not to work. The fuse for the sunroof, labeled SUNROOF MOD, is in the right rear fuse block, under the rear seat. By 'fixed your clock', do you just mean set the time, or was it gaining or losing time?

Aug 5, 2011.
Check for voltage at the sun roof switch. If the radio is resetting to 12 oclock there is a blown fuse.

Aug 5, 2011.