2005 Cadillac CTS • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

My car has a rough idle, both when it is sitting still and drives kind of rough. When in park the rough idle goes away. The check engine light is on and it reads P0430 which I know pertains to the catalytic converter. Would the rough idle be a product of the catalytic converter going bad, and if I have to replace it would I need to replace the 02 sensors as well? Also, my sunroof is having some issues with closing all the way. At one point of time it would only close half way but I did the over ride procedure and now it closes all the way except about an inch, how could I go about figuring out how to fix this problem?
November 7, 2012.

On the motor, no the cat has nothing to do with the roughness and no, you dont have to do the sensors.

Start with a compression test to verify the motor is good.

As far as the sunroof, spray the tracks and cable and see if that helps before looking at a motor or track assembly