2005 BMW X3

Recently bought an pre-owned 2005 BMW X3. Unable to pair iphone-4S. I keep getting the message - Make sure "BMWXXXXX is ready to pair, the PIN code is correct, and try again. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I followed all steps from most blogs, forums etc.
March 15, 2012.

Go to the manufacturer web site and you will find the pairing instructions. You have to do it in the proper sequence for it to take. You can try website for car manufacturer too.

I actually found Pairing instructions in manual. They are numbered, except for number 1 which I left blank. I included the FIGs from instructions. The last instruction was for a Sony Ericson phone and what to do with it. So, you will have to go to manufacturer for some information.


Thanks for your reply. I don't see any pairing button as shown in the diagrams. I have a telephone/voice command button and R/T button on the steering wheel. I have a business CD radio (last picture in your attachment)

Steps followed: 1. Keep the bluetooth on and discoverable on my iphone-4s
2. Press & hold the telephone button with ignition = 0 for 3 seconds
3. Turn ignition to 1 position and release the telephone button after 3 seconds
4. Iphone identifies the bluetooth during which I try to pair it by entering the code. I get the message immediately - Make sure "BMWXXXXX is ready to pair, the PIN code is correct, and try again.

I dont see the message BT Pairing message on the radio at all. Not sure about what is wrong here

Mar 15, 2012.
The pairing button is the one in the center console. I believe the FIG refers to it as some other type of pairing button. But, that is it. The other button in the center console is denoted in the same way.
Just to avoid confusion I am attaching FIGs 4 and 5 the pairing and oddment tray buttons.

Did you ever figure it out? I just called dealer and they told me it's not compatible with iPhone 4S - I also don't have a pairing button.

Jul 30, 2012.
Yes, in the rear trunk, left hand side you have a enclosure which you can open. The bluetooth module is present there. The trick is to unscrew the bluetooth module as the code is present on the other side of the module. You need good ratchet set and soft hands to access the screws. Unscrew it and pull the module, turn it you will find the code.

Jul 31, 2012.
Thanks for providing the location of the buttton as our manual did not have the button location.