2005 BMW 530d • 100,000 miles

I have an e60 can you offer help and advice for this car many thanks Greg

bmw 530d 240bhp
April 22, 2012.

Post your problem and we will see what we can do.

Apr 22, 2012.
Hey thanks for the reply! Did`nt really think people were on the other side! Ok the problem.

I changed two diesel injectors on my 530d because my car did`nt start sometimes, after the job was finished it started perfect,

now I have driven with the car for 5000miles since the work, and now I am finding a new problem. When im driving some times it cuts out, and when I try to start the car she wont start first time on the second try it starts nice and clean, normally the car starts first time, its only when the car turns off when im driving it wont start frist

another problem when im driving, the rev counter ``sometimes`` doesnt incress and decress smoothly, tis doesnt happen all the time, I brought it back to the garage and the guy plugged in the computer and it says two more injectors are faulty.

I seen this myself it does show up on the computer, I think both problems are related, if I changed two more injectors do you think this would fix the problem many thanks greg

Apr 22, 2012.
This type of problem with a diesel is often related to the injection pump, there will be a fuel cut off solenoid on the pump, unfortunately the data base dose not cover this exact model, I would start looking there.

Apr 23, 2012.