2004 Volvo XC90 • 116,000 miles

The service transmission urgent warning indicatior came on
October 18, 2012.

So what are the exact code numbers you have not code descriptions?

Oct 18, 2012.
Check the transmission oil for any type of contamination like axle grease, clutch material, or even metal. Check the fluid to see if it is burnt. If any of these conditions exist then your trouble code will most likely be TCM-002B The proper repair will be to replace the transmission, radiator, aux cooler, and transmission lines. These transmissions give out around 100,000+ miles. You may want to go to your local Volvo dealership and ask for some goodwill assistance. At the very minimum they may split the bill with you 50/50 at warranty pricing. I was doing 2 a week under goodwill when I was at the dealership but you will need to pay for diagnosing and software update if one is available since that will be part of the repair. Doesnt hurt to ask? Also check to see if Volvo is still participating in the free service for life. Volvo will give you up to an hour of free diagnsotic. But you will need to pay for tear down since the pan may need to come down to check for metal contamination. Here is Volvos link for more info.
Good luck to you and hope these helps you out. Please keep us posted as to what is done.

Oct 21, 2012.