2004 Vauxhall Vectra • 68,000 miles

Our estate boot has decided not to latch shut when you close the boot, after a fight it will close but then we still get the boot open light and noise on dashboard, we also have a light on offside which has new bulb and holder but still does not work, car has also got a buzzing/humming noise from boot when side lights are turned on. Is this all likely to be connected as all tailgate issues? Not sure where to start with this.
October 5, 2012.

As the tailgate is not working correctly to lock, it could be out of adjustment or or something is caught within the latch, I would suggest checking the adjustment and remove any debris that could have been caught by the latch.

The latch could also be on its way out.

Once this is resolved, the boot ajar warning indicator should go away. As to the buzzing noise and light not working, you need to check the light bulb wiring and ground circuit for break in continuity.

Oct 5, 2012.
Our Vauxhall Vectra Estate was opened this morning and shut gently so that the tailgate
is still ajar. We have used all the different ways of opening it according to the manual, but
we cant open or shut it, as it is still ajar. The lights are on in the back. Has anyone any ideas please. Many thanks. Dawn and Lyle

Dec 27, 2012.
Did you try pushing down on the tailgate while trying to unlock it?

Dec 27, 2012.
Many thanks for your message. Just tried that and at least it closed but the lights are still on in the back. At least though it has closed so that is a start so your reply was much appreciated.
The manual says that after 5 mins it should lock automatically so we have just gone out to see if it has but as the lights are still on it seems as if it is not locked. And we cant open it at all.
Do you have any other ideas please. Many thanks again,
Kind Regards,
Dawn and Lyle

Dec 27, 2012.
We don't have any information for your vehicle in our database so I do not know how the system operates so you have to fill me in.

Is there any manual lever to open or is it electrical?
Can the key be used to unlock?
Now that you have it closed, try pushing on the taillgate and while operating the unlock function, pull at taillgate to open it when you feel the latch has any movement.


Dec 28, 2012.
Thanks for your message.
The car is a vauxhall vectra 2 litre diesel estate, just bought last week. 2003 model
It is electrical rather than manual. The little button on the drivers door although it bleeps
does not seem to unclick it to open
The key cannot be used to unlock.
What happened in the night was that the alarm went off and we were trying to stop it for
ages. Lyle discontected the battery, and then reconnected and it stopped. Not sure if this was a coincedence, The battery was completely flat.
Our mechanic came today and crawled in through the rear seat, and released the gromiit
with a screwdriver, put on the battery from his own car temporarily, and from then on was able to press the right hand top button of the fob key twice to release the tail gate. He says
not to use the button on the inside of the door as it seems to have a fault. So the battery is
now recharging and all should be fine now. Hopefully.
Many thanks again,
Kind Regards and best wishes,
Lyle and Dawn

Dec 28, 2012.
You're welcome.

Happy New Year.

Dec 29, 2012.
Easy fix, mine did similar, cost nothing to fix and took about an hour, caused my sticking switch detent in the tailgate lock grab handle.

Jul 26, 2013.