2004 Toyota Avensis • 85,000 miles

Hooked up battery jackstart wrong way. Was correctly advised to check fuses. Found 3 including main 100a. All systems now ok, apart from battery light stays on. Revving managed to put a small charge in, but battery just ran down. Drove for 5 miles and restarted just, but completely dead now. Battery shape red light on dash is permanently on. Have checked loads of fuses. Where are all the relevant fuses so I can recheck or any other causes?Can you help please?
November 24, 2012.

The alternator seems to have failed. Have it tested.

Nov 24, 2012.
Thank you. I will get it checked but was wondering if there is a fuse for alternator I have not checked. I have looked at all fuses but under steering wheel which are more difficult to get into, or a loose wire? Would connecting battery pos/neg wrong way in jumpstart by mistake, have damaged alternator?

Nov 25, 2012.
Usually reversing the polarity would not damage the alternator as the fuses would have blown before any damage occurs but for electrical components, it can still occur.

You needed a jumpstart, that could mean the alternator was already bad before the problem. Was the charge indicator light showing prior to this occurring?
If the problem is due to a fuse, you would not see the charge indicator light when ignition switch is turned on.

Alternator fuses are underhood.

Nov 25, 2012.