2004 Suzuki XL7 • 4 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 143,000 miles

I need a detailed instruction on changing my alternator. I can not afford a mechanic and have limited mechanical knowlege. However I am genuinley handy at do-it your self projects. Please help I need my truck back.
thanks Paul

PS. I would be happy to make a donation but my checking account is negative at the moment and unless I can get to work it will not get better. I do pledge to donate once I am back in the black. Hope some one can help out a guy temporarily down on his luck

April 19, 2011.

I would so appreciate it if any-one could send a reply to my email address. Make sure to include a means to show you my appreciation once I am back on track. Mostamazingplace@yahoo. Com

Apr 20, 2011.
Disconnect negative cable at battery.
Disconnect generator lead wire ("B" terminal wire) and coupler from generator.
Remove generator belt.
Remove generator drive belt adjusting bolt and generator mounting bolt.
Remove generator.
Mount generator on the generator bracket.
Tighten generator bolts (upper bolt (1), lower bolt (2)) to specification.
Install generator (cooling fan) belt.
Connect "B" terminal wire (3) and coupler to generator. Tighten "B" terminal outer nut (b) to the specification. See Fig. 17.
Install canister.
Connect negative cable at battery.

Apr 20, 2011.