2004 SEAT Alhambra • 161,000 miles

I've just replaced the the two front wheel bearings on my Alhambra and also both wishbones. When I took it out for a test drive I noticed a wobble from the front end whilst accelerating, it was then suggested to me it could be the inner c.V. Joints, so ordered drive shafts and track rods and track rod ends, but still the wobble remains. I can't feel the wobble through the steering wheel but you can feel it through the floor. There doesn't seem to be much else down there to that I can change and everything has been tightened and tightened again! Please help i'm at a complete loss and it's really annoying me now. Thanks for your help.
November 3, 2012.

P.S. I've also had all tyres balanced and front tyres (which are two months old) put to the back and back to front, and this also changed nothing!

Nov 3, 2012.
You may have thrown the alignment off. The toe in or total toe adjustment keeps the car running smoothly and straight down the road. I would get an alignment.
Also, are you sure the ball joints are tightened to the specified torque. Could you have chaged the tie rod length by accident.