2004 Renault Scenic • 112,000 miles

Management light on car running rough and jumpy
November 23, 2012.

Have the computer scanned for code/s this is your starting point finding out what's causing the light to come On-

Nov 25, 2012.
You most probably need to replace your ignition coils. These are easy to replace and instructions can be found in multiple web videos. Once the coils have been replaced you will need to turn the engine management warning off. You can bring it to any suitably equiped mechanic to do this or purchase an engine management plug in device connected to laptop to do this. I have done it myself on two seperate renault vehicles. It is a common problem. I repaired this problem myself for €60.00 ( parts and equipment purchase included ) + one hour spent on the repair.
Having said all that you would, to absolutely sure, as rasmataz said, need to have your engine management computer read to see what code or codes are showing up. If nothing else is wrong except a bumpy running engine this would be the most likely / common problem. If you could give more detail regarding the problem I may be able to advise further adn pinpoint the fault.

Jan 27, 2013.
My guess Its probably fixed otherwise he/she will be asking more questions-

Jan 28, 2013.