2004 Pontiac Grand Prix • 147,000 miles

I had to disconnect the battery today to put in new speakers in the rear of my car. When I was finished and reconnected the battery something had gone wrong in the system. The dash display lights were flashing on and off in time with the "parking lights" which the display told me were on. It would also periodically indicate that the front passenger side door was open when it was, in fact, not. The car starts fine, mostly, although two of the times I turned the key nothing happened. When driven the car performs fine, there appears to be no problem with the radio, turn or brake lights, but when the headlights are left on automatic mode they periodically begin the flashing that was observed when parked. No flashing occurs when the lights are turned on manually. If anyone has any thoughts I would definitely appreciate it, I really cannot afford to be without a car right now.
December 27, 2012.

Bcm is having a brain fart, excuse the expression.

Remove the battery cable again and re attach and see what happens


Dec 28, 2012.