2004 Peugeot 206 • 15,400 miles

Peugeot 206 GTI 180 54 plate - 15400 miles

When the car has been left for a few hours it seems very shaky when pulling away and doesn't seem to have much power to begin with. However after a minute it's fine. Also not sure if it's related but sometimes when in 4th or 5th gear it seems to get stuck in neutral when trying to shift down to 2nd or 1st.

I have had the spark plugs replaced and the machanic said if it's not that it could be the lambda sensor. However I don't want to keep spending out only to find that this doesn't solve the problem. I'm wondering whether it's something to do with the clutch?

Any help would be much appreciated!
September 26, 2011.

You should really run a scanner ont ehengine andcheck the fuel pressure to see if anything is out of whack instead of just guessing. Is this a stick or automatic as we have no info on Puegeots

Sep 26, 2011.
Yea I've had a diagnostic on the engine (altho I can't remember what it came up with)
The mechanic just said to start with the spark plugs and then do the lambda sensor. It's a manual. Thanks

Sep 26, 2011.
Sounds like it may have clutch shudder, there may be a contaminant on the clutch plate causing it to stick up, I would first just get the basic tune done and have the clutch operation tested.

Sep 26, 2011.