2004 Oldsmobile Alero • 6 cylinder •

When it is cold outside my transmission light will come on but does not stay on. It only happens when I turn the car on and start driving, sometimes it will come back on after it goes off when I accelerate but that just started to happen as it is getting colder. The GM dealer wants me to get a transmission flush. What do you think? Anything I can check on my own first before I spend money I don't really have?
November 24, 2011.

Scan the computer for code/s and get back with it-Autozone will do it for free-

Nov 25, 2011.
I did they told me to go to a dealer because Oldsmobile put sensors on the cars to get annual check ups lol.

Nov 26, 2011.
There is no transmission light on your vehicle, Go into a little more detail on this warning light. Is this a manual transmission vehicle, and you are talking about the upshift light(arrow). A fault with the transmission controls would illuminate the check engine light, but you would not associate this with a transmission problem unless there was a symptom.

Nov 26, 2011.