2004 Nissan Armada • 130,000 miles

Where is the starter located? I took skid plate off and inner firewall and still can't find it
October 17, 2012.

Hello - sorry to hear you are having problems. Please ensure you specify your model. I am giving you information for the Armada LE. There is an SE but I am again, giving you for the LE. I will also send you the directions.

Oct 17, 2012.
The information says it is located at the right rear of the engine see number F27 on this pic

Oct 17, 2012.
Here is the directions. Looks like the intake manifold needs to come off.

Oct 17, 2012.
Hi. I have a 2004 Armada SE. Started having starting problems in Sept 2012 and took it to the dealer. There was a recall on the IPDM. Had it replaced in Oct 2012. Now in Dec, truck won't start. Takes 20-30 tries and then it might start. Took it back to the dealer and they say its the starter. Problem is they don't have the part and want about $800 ($355 part, $400+ labor). 3-5 days turn around. I can't wait that long even if I could afford it.

Could someone send me the instructions including the part about how to remove the intake manifold?

I'm having someone else do the work but they haven't done a starter job on an Armada. I need my truck back ASAP.

Dec 12, 2012.