2004 Kia Amanti

How do I change the serpentine belt on 04 kia amanti? And what tools will I need? And is there any tips you can offer?
December 31, 2012.

Basic handtools.

Belt Rreplacement

Power Steering

1. Loosen hinge bolt "A" and flange nut "B". See Fig. 4.
2. Turn adjusting bolt "C" to loosen the belt for removal.
3. Turn adjusting bolt "C" to set belt tension after reinstallation. See Fig. 4 and Fig. 5.
4. Tighten hinge bolt "A" and flange nut "B" to specification.

Alternator & Air Conditioning Compressor

1. Loosen pulley lock nut "A". See Fig. 6.

2. Turn adjustment bolt "B" to loosen belt for removal. See Fig. 6 and Fig. 7.

3. Turn adjustment bolt "B" to set belt tension to specified deflection.

4. Tighten pulley lock nut "A" to specification.

5. Start engine and turn A/C on.

6. Allow vehicle to run until normal operating temperature is reached.

7 Turn engine off, recheck belt deflection after operation and readjust belt tension as necessary.

Dec 31, 2012.