2004 Jeep Liberty • 84,000 miles

I was told my lifters are sticking and was told to buy Sea Foam Auto Marine Fleet. I bought some but it doesn't really tell you how and where to add it. I was told to put 1/2 bottle (473 ml) in my oil crankcase and 1/2 in my gas. I was also told to only put it in my gas. I was also told get an oil change done first and then add it in. I am not sure who to listen to. Also, I was told to make sure the car is warm when I decide to put it in so it can mix and flow good with the oil. Once I know what to do, should I drive the vehicle after I add it in and if so, how long. Thank you
January 5, 2013.

I am not a believer in additives of any sort. I would change the oil and filter once every 500 miles for the few oil changes to help with the sticking lifter.

Sea foam is for fuel systems.


Under my warranty I get an oil change every 4 months and I don't drive to work and only drive on the weekend and some evenings so I put maybe approximately 50 km per month. Someone also told me to put in regular gas instead of the high octane I am putting in. He said there might be too much ethanol in the high one which can cause the clicking.


Jan 6, 2013.
Nope, fuel octane has no effect on lifter noises.