2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 201,000 miles

My 2004 2.7 crd jeep pulls fine untill it reaches 3500rpm, then it has a slight jerk, and the engine light comes on. It got sent to jeep and they did a diagnostic on it, and they said no error codes came up, then it went to a jeep specialist who said that the turbo, and injectors need to be replaced, so fine got it replaced. Problem still come up, and they said it is an electrical problem. Sent it to an auto electrician, they changed sensors, and checked wiring, all is fine, but problem is still there. Everyone say it does not bring up any error codes, but if I check the codes on the cluster ( switch on the ignition 3 times) then it brings up P0235 turbo boost sensor and P0243 turbo wastegate solonoid. Any help please?
October 14, 2012.

I assume it is the mercedes diesel.

At the rpm reading you have, the circuit to the injectors has a fault. It is never an easy job to track down something like this as it is a tedious job tracing out wires to find the fault.

You need a specialist who will go after this for you. Be prepared not to have your car for a while as the time is the factor here.


Oct 14, 2012.
It is the Mercedes engine yes. It is not good then, I bought the car a month ago and did not even have it a full day, maybe cancelling the deal is the next order of business.

Oct 15, 2012.