2004 Hyundai Elantra • 155,000 miles

Yesterday morning went to store. On way home oil light came on. Checked oil, it was low, added 2 qts. Checked again, and light went off. YAY! This morning on way to work, light came on again and it started making a loud noise. Pulled over, added another qt of oil, even though it was full, and had to continue driving it until I got to work (about 10 miles). Have left it parked until I can figure out what is wrong.
November 21, 2011.

From when you were low in oil, engine damage may have resulted from low oil. Adding oil does not fix it as it may have damaged a bearing. The fact it came on again is saying the pressure is too low and you need to go to a shop and have the damage checked out and get a bid.


Nov 21, 2011.
Okay. The noise I think is 'knocking'. Car is now leaking oil, before I added oil it was not leaking. I don't believe it is the head gasket because antifreeze is not leaking as well. Could it be the oil pump gone bad? Would that cause the oil pressure to suddenly drop & to make a loud knocking noise. I know I need to take it to a shop, but I am a single mom of 3 & am trying to get it fixed myself, without having to pay all the labor costs.

Nov 22, 2011.
The oil leak may be any external seal, if the oil level has slowly been dropping the damage may be due to long term low oil level, bearings will slowly wear out and when they start to fail the oil pressure will not be sufficient to stop the bearing knock, with these engines, and the mileage you have on the clock, combined with oil leaks and low oil pressure the engine may well be beyond reasonable condition to repair, I would get the oil pressure checked first with a mechanical gauge.

Nov 26, 2011.