2004 GMC Other • 83,000 miles

I have a 5.7 liter GMC engine in a 18 foot step van. I drove the truck home to ohio from Florida. 1,200 miles. No over heating at all. The engine burns a lot of oil over a quart and a half per tank of gas. There was no smoke from the tail pipe. I did loose some coolant during the trip home. I let the truck sit for 10 days after I got it home then drove it to a tire shop for some tires. During the start up it did not smoke. After 2 minutes running it started to blow white smoke from the tasil pipe. This stopped after jusrt a quarter mile of driving and did no more smoking. I tire shop feels there is a blown head gasket, and has suggested a rebilt engine because of the oil consumption and poor performance of the engine running. It does missfire a bit and the service engine soone light stays on the cose is amisfire I am told. Should I replace the engine or just go to have gasket replaced and heads machined is needed.

October 4, 2012.

Well it only has 83,000 onit so you should find the source of the oi useage. A head gasket may run about $1500 or so but it may be valve seals and they could do that at the same time. If you get a misfire, scan for codes an dcheck fuel pressure as low pressure may cause the misfire or it's an ignition/compression problem. So have a compression check done before you start throwing a motor in because that could cost you $4000 or more and may not need it. It should be actually checked out instead of someone just sayingit's ahead gasket.

Oct 4, 2012.