2004 Ford Ranger • 105,000 miles

When I start to back out of the driveway the truck starts making a loud squeaking sound. It's even louder when I roll over the partition that separates the driveway from the street and the frame rocks back and forth. It almost sounds like a fingernails running down a chalkboard or my frame suddenly turned a thousand years old. The sound is more pronounced when I drive slow (almost at idle when parking or turning into a parking space) and I can't hear it at all when traveling faster than 10-15 mph. I know its not my belts, so do you have any idea what this could be?
January 9, 2013.

I have a 2000 Ranger with the same problem. Often, owners do their own oil changes. One thing you get from a service3 place that you always think about at home. LUBE the chasis. There are greasde fittings on the tie rod ends to keep the bushing smooth. I pumped a tube into each fitrting before the old, dry, crusted stuff broke free. The squeak went away.

Feb 3, 2013.