2004 Ford Freestar • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 250 miles

2004 freestar with intermittent belt grinding and stall-no codes-already treid all accessiores except power steering-which feels ok and ac which doesn't work-has new water pump, tensioner, idler, and idle solenoid-no misfire noticed. I'm wondering if ac is seizing up with defroster on 0r if there is a bulletin on ecm or fuel pump cutting out. I'm a semi retired mechanic trying to help my real estate broker-not familar with this problem
April 4, 2011.

By belt grinding I presume you mean it's eating the serpentine belt? The AC compressor very well may be seizing up. Try observing the belt and compressor for a few minutes with the engine running and AC/heater controls being cycled.

Jul 4, 2011.