2004 Ford Explorer • 132,233 miles

I seem to have over heating in my truck. There is also a slow leak under my it. I would assume this is from the radiator. I put antifreeze in it twice and the problem still pursists. Now I just fill it with water and hope for the best. Do you have any advice.
June 18, 2013.

Well this could be multiple things. You will need to find the leak with a flashlight so that it will be easier to pin point.

This could be anything from a crack in your radiator, to a faulty water pump, to a crack in a hose. Any type of leak will cause the motor to overheat and if running too long you could ruin your engine. I would try to find the leak first, then let me know what you see. Keep an eye on the thermostat to make sure you do not overheat the engine while doing this.

Let me know


Jun 28, 2013.