2004 Dodge Durango • 90,000 miles

My check engine light came on today. I took it into Auto Zone to have them check the code and I was given u1120 which he was unable to tell me what that code meant.

What does the code u1120 mean on a 2004 Dodge Durango?
March 8, 2013.

I was not sure my self? So I asked around a few colleagues and I got this back.

U1120 = Lost Wheel Distance Message. The set condition = the PCM doesn't receive a wheel distance message from the Anti-lock brake module over the CAN C bus. The CAN (Controller Area Network) C is a high speed bus that used for large data transfer. The following systems us CAN C: PCM, ABS and TCM. If that's your only code, then I'd start with the ABS module. The most likely cause is a bad wheel speed sensor, so check those.

Hope this helps.

Mar 8, 2013.