2004 Dodge Dakota • 50,488 miles

Hello, When I first start up, my steering is stiff when is cool or cold not so much when the weather is warm, after turning a couple of times it losing up.I also change the fluid out and replace it with Lucas Power Steering Fluid but has not seemed to make a difference. I had the steering column and all of front end replaced.
P.S. (The fluid that was removed had a burnt smell to it) Any suggestion would be helpful
March 2, 2013.

It could be a weak pump or the rack and pinion has what is called morning sickness the seals are worn in the rack so it makes steering hard when cold and as it warms up the seals get softer and seal better. If the replaced fluid had a burnt smell then that may be why. You might try a seal softener but make sure to replace as much of the fluid as you can and don't use trans fluid as it is different and has been for quite a few years.

Mar 2, 2013.