2004 Chrysler 300 • 70,000 miles

My radio and navigation screen will not light up. The music plays but cant change any chanels. The cd will only play if I eject a cd and reinsert it so that it defaults to palying a cd.

Cannot change any channels or tracks. The steering wheel buttons for volume work but the one on the left side to change the radio to cd, or satellite etc does not work.

Please advise. Are there fuses related to this problem.

It just started this morning - nothing happened out of the ordinary - just started car and found out.

November 20, 2012.

I'm having the same problem on my 05 300C. It's not a fuse problem, I've tried all the simple solutions. Looking forward to an answer.

Dec 5, 2012.
Thanks for writing. After I wrote that, the next time I got in the car, it just worked. Most the time it works and I have had about two times where it was not working.

Other weird things are happening - I noticed that the security light was flashing really fast one night instead of the regular blinking.

Maybe I have some sort of electrical thing that happens once in a while.

Might want to notice if you are having other issues. My car does seem to have them.

Dec 6, 2012.
Hi! I have the EXACT problem with my radio. I do hope we find a solution. It's been happening to me daily since its gotten cold out-nearly zero here. Someone posted on another site that he suspects my nav is going out and I may need a new radio unit. I'd like to know for sure.

I also have another odd electrical issue like you, but mine us with my wipers. The intermittent is random. The blades will swipe normally, then nothing for about 5 cycles then its line it plays catchup and swipes 5-7 in a row then stops in the middle of the windshield.

Jan 2, 2013.