2004 Chevrolet Impala • 15,100 miles

My car stays on without the keys. It over heats also have an electrical problem the windows won't roll down to the roll up it jerks when I take off when I acc the windshield wipers are staying up and n the windshield wipers are staying up and not going down as they're turned off the heater what do you thik is the cause of all of this

January 8, 2013.

Take one issue at a time. If the engine won't shut off, check voltage to and from ignition switch. As far as over-heating, how hot in degrees F? Does the radiator fan work? As far as the power windows, I'd check voltage and ground first, then check the master switch.

Are there any applicable trouble codes? To check codes, yourself, at the least, you need an obd2 code reader. Some of the national brand autostores will check codes for free.

Jan 8, 2013.