2003 Volkswagen Jetta • 85,000 miles

What can cause car not to start after replacing the water pump and timing belt on a 2003 jetta 2.0? The timing marks line up so I replaced the water pump, and timing belt. I lined the cam mark up, then lined the crank mark up and checked it by the transmission. What could be causing the car not to start. How can I check to see if it is firing on compression stroke?
January 5, 2012.

Check to see if you are getting spark and fuel to the engine. Start there. You may have disconnected or bumped something.

I'm getting a spark, but this engine doesn't have a distributor, so how can I check to see if it is sparking on the compression stroke or the exhaust stroke! The fuel line was under pressure when I started to disconnect it, I can also hear the pump when I turn the key on!This engine only has 2 timing marks, one on the crank, and one on the camshaft sprocket.

Jan 5, 2012.
Using a timing light, connect it to the number one plug wire. Then crank the engine. There is a timing mark on the harmonic ballancer that will show TDC. Every time the mark on the harmonic ballancer passes TDC, the timing light should light.

Which timing mark for the crankshaft did you use? You have to use the one on the flywheel. And the marks are different if it's an AT or MT. Have you tried scanning it?

Jan 9, 2012.