2003 Toyota Corolla • 180,000 miles

Hi. I have a Toyota Corolla with 5 spd manual. For a few month now it is getting more frequent that when I shift and I try to speed up the clutch slips for a bit. Especially when it is cold then it normally works fine, but when its warm or the engine.

November 22, 2011.

Hi: You need to ask the questions box. I only see part of the title.

Hi. I Have A Corolla With 5 Spd Manual with about 180000 km on it. For Few Months Now It Is Getting More Frequent That When I Shift And Try To speed up the clutch slips and the revs go up a little bit. It happens more in higher gears. When it is cold outside and the engine is cold it seems to work just fine but when it is warmer and/or the engine is warm then it starts slipping. I had the transmission fluid replaced 2 years ago during an oil change and notice no leaks. I have not replaced the break fluid in a couple of years. Is my clutch up for a replacement? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Nov 22, 2011.
That is what it sounds like. If the slipping is most noticeable when the engine is under a load, that is most likely the problem. Try this. While driving up a hill, make you way into 5th gear. Push the clutch in and release it while hitting the gas hard. If it slipps, the clutch is bad. NOTE: You will notice more slipping the higher the gear because there is more of a load on the engine/trans.

Let me know what you find.

Thanks for your answer. When I go up a hill it does not slip most of the time, at the odd time when I push the gas in hard, but rarely when the clutch pedal is not pressed. If it slips it does so only very briefly and then I can push the gas in as much as I want and it usually does not slip. What can that be?

Nov 29, 2011.
It sounds like a worn clutch.

Thank you for your help

Dec 1, 2011.
Let us know what you find